10 years of AQUAAIR


Good ideas with lasting effects

10 years of AQUAAIR

“Success consists in having exactly the skills that are needed at the moment.” – Henry Ford

How do you generate clean industrial compressed air in an economical and sustainable way?

In the beginning there were some good ideas that were consistently implemented in completely new system concepts. – As it turned out soon, really good ideas with great lasting effects for our customers:

Smart Industry 4.0-capable systems, no hassle with oil and, above all, significantly less power consumption

In 2021 we celebrate the 10th anniversary of AQUAAIR GmbH & Co. KG

„Above all, there are our satisfied customers who motivate us to perform at our best every day!“ – Christian Bischoff, Partner & Advisor

We are pleased about the great success of our range of products and services. We say “thank you” to all customers, employees and suppliers for their commitment and trust.

Enjoy to looking forward for further innovations from AQUAAIR – to your advantage and for a better world.

Marco Lodni, Managing Partner
Roman Keider, Managing Partner
Christian Bischoff, Partner and Advisor

2011 to 2016

Completely new system concepts are born

„We are developing new materials and are completely redesigning our technical systems, digitally and oilless.“ – Marco Lodni, Managing Partner


Foundation of AQUAAIR GmbH & Co. KG on June 1, 2011 with headquarters in Augsburg, Haunstetten


Development of the „AQUAAIR modular system“ including airends and polymer rotors with the alpha profiles from AQUAAIR


Commissioning of the first AQUAAIR compressor APA 011 at an organic farmer in Plattling, Bavaria


Relocation of the headquarters of AQUAAIR GmbH & Co. KG to the significantly larger production site in Augsburg, Bärenkeller


Commissioning of the first AQUAAIR compressor with UL approval in the USA


Commissioning of the first AQUAAIR compressor with digital AQA_AIR management, the Industry 4.0-capable controller AQA_AIR Control 4.0

2017 to 2021

Clean compressed air from AQUAAIR is in demand

„Growth and change – we manage the balancing act and continuously adapt our processes.“ – Roman Keider, Managing Partner


Commissioning of the first two AQUAAIR compressors with 100 kilowatts drive power each at a tea mill in Hamburg


AQUAAIR awarded the 1st main prize of the Bavarian Innovation Prize 2018


AQUAAIR is the OEM of Drägerwerk AG for sustainable Dräger compressed air systems in hospitals


AQUAAIR compressors in operation in all five continents


AQUAAIR receives the largest order in the company’s history with a drive power of almost 1.0 megawatt (1,000 kilowatts)