21 % power savings


Sustainable food processing

21 % power savings and no oil in the system

Fit for future with 100 % oil- and germfree compressed air from AQUAAIR!

AQUAAIR is pleased about the successful implementation of a highly energy-efficient compressed air system at a well-known food specialist in Ulm, Germany; of course 100 % oil- and germfree.

All components of the modern compressed air system were projected under aspects of maximum energy efficiency and 100 % oil free and germ free.

These include two directly coupled AQUAAIR APW 075 screw compressors, frequency-controlled supply pumps and EC cooling air fans and energy-saving refrigeration dryers.

The higher-level AQA_AIR 5.0 control system optimises several frequency-controlled systems fully automatically. In that way the entire compressed air system operates at all times with minimum specific power consumption.

The optimum operating point of compressed air generation is generated with a pressure difference of only 0.1 bar in relation to the operating pressure.

This together makes the AQUAAIR compressed air system extremely economical to operate.

The AQUAAIR result

Up to 21 % less power consumption compared to oil-free dry-running rotary compressors

Highest availability and minimal risk

No oil in the system

It is extremely economical to use no oil at all in the production of compressed air:

No time and costs for the procurement and change of oil, no time and costs for the disposal of waste oil, oil filters and oily condensate.

And above all no risk from uncontrolled oil emissions: No germs from oil, no smell of oil, no oil-contaminated compressed air lines or packaging, no products containing mineral oil and a better world.

To your advantage and for a better world

Sustainable innovation

We at AQUAAIR thank those for their courage to make changes. – With passion for innovation and a high level of commitment everyone involved has installed a truly sustainable compressed air system with AQUAAIR technology.

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