4,0 – 11kW

4.0 kW, 5.5 kW, 7.5 kW, 9.0 kW, 11 kW

Certainly reliable: oil-free compressors that convince

AQUAAIR screw compressors are uncompromisingly designed for demanding continuous operation in industrial environments. This is what makes oil-free compressed air from AQUAAIR one thing above all: safe!

In the power range from 4.0 to 11 kW, AQUAAIR’s water-injected screw technology is unique in the world, far superior to conventional screw, spiral and piston technologies for compressed air generation in terms of availability, sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

The technical and energetic superiority of AQUAAIR screw compressors is based on the consistent alignment of all components to the injection of water into the air end – developed and made by AQUAAIR.

The centerpiece

The AQUAAIR air end with intake valve

The AQUAAIR air end compresses the ambient air and is the centerpiece of every AQUAAIR system. – The water-injected air ends of AQUAAIR have been completely redeveloped for the use of water:

Screw rotors made of wear-resistant high-performance polymers, maintenance-free water slide bearings and a specially developed AQUAAIR intake valve guarantee highest reliability and maximum service life.

No oil-lubricated gearbox, no grease-lubricated ball bearings and no mechanical seals liable to wear in the air end – what is not there, can not break.

The AQUAAIR result: Clean compressed air without annoyance

Thanks to AQUAAIR’s alpha profile polymer rotors and low compaction temperatures, the AQUAAIR air ends are highly efficient with minimal power consumption, delivering clean compressed air at one stage up to 15 bar (g). – Only AQUAAIR offers this.

The water manager

The AQUAAIR combi separation system

The AQUAAIR system gets the necessary water from the ambient air. – AQUAAIR’s patented combi separation system regulates the amount of water in the system and separates the water from the generated compressed air.

The AQUAAIR combi separation system consists of a water pressure tank with integrated oil-free level measurement and a highly effective cyclone separator.

Water quantity regulation and separation are reliable and of high quality: The water quantity of about 18 liters in the system is continuously exchanged during operation and completely renewed within approx. 24 operating hours.

The residual water content (and thus the dew point of the generated dry compressed air) is already unbeatable because of the low compression temperatures.

The all-rounder

The AQUAAIR water filter system

The AQUAAIR water filter system is an all-rounder. – It filters and distributes the water both for injection in the air end, as well as for the admission of the water slide bearings, in all operating conditions, at different pressures.

The compact, integrated design reduces the number of components and saves space, but above all ensures a stable handling of the most natural and environmentally friendly fluid that is available – water!

The control

The AQA_AIR Management

With AQUAAIR’s modern compressed air management system, you can control your oil-free compressed air requirement reliably, individually and with ease.

Each AQUAAIR system is equipped with the user-friendly control AQA_AIR Control 4.0 and Touch-Panel as standard.

Whether teleservice, alarm management, cross-plant compressed air management, integration into your control room or operation via your smartphone – the „open“ control system of AQUAAIR can be modularly expanded with the extension AQA_AIR Control 5.0 and 6.0 according to your needs. – Ask us. We are here for you.

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Energy saving included

Up to 35 % less energy costs

Oil-free screw compressors from AQUAAIR are real power savers, far superior to conventional systems. The overall energy efficiency of AQUAAIR screw technology is leading with the highly efficient AQUAAIR screw air end without the need for expensive oil filtration and water treatment, the specific electricity cost of compressed air produced is unbeatably low.

Delivery quantity 300-1.810 l/min | Operating pressure 5-15 bar (g)

Technical data 4.0 kW, 5.5 kW, 7.5 kW, 9.0 kW, 11 kW

AQUAAIR screw compressors with a drive power of 4.0 to 11 kW are available as a ready-to-use system in a uniform size with the user-friendly control AQA_AIR Control 4.0 and touch panel included.

All power variants in this size are basically frequency-controlled and air-cooled. – Water cooled systems are possible on request.

To operate the system, a power connection is necessary, but not an external water supply or water treatment.

The minimum possible operating pressure is 5 bar (g), the maximum 10 bar (g). – Higher operating pressures up to 15 bar (g) on request.

The minimum permissible temperature of the intake air is 3 °C, the maximum 42 °C. – Higher temperatures up to 55 °C on request.

In accordance with your installation and operating conditions of the AQUAAIR system, we are pleased to offer you the necessary refrigeration dryer and the appropriate filters.

Find the technical data for the systems in the download product data sheet.

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+ 10 bar (g) operating pressure
+ 42 °C ambient temperature
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