A “Green Deal” for Europe


A „Green Deal“ for Europe

Clean compressed air with zero pollutant emissions for air, water and soil

„We have to intensify our efforts – each of us.“ – Ursula von der Leyen

The European Commission is determined: Not less, but more ecology should make the European Union vital and future-proof.

A „European Green Deal“ is intended to encourage all member states to achieve higher climate protection goals. Companies should be obliged not to emit any pollutants into the environment.

The „Zero-Pollution-Strategy“ presented by the European Commission in 2019 will be put into practice in 2021 with the „Zero-Pollution-Action Plan“.

Energy carrier with great green potential

Industrial compressed air

Compressed air is an important industrial energy carrier, which is often generated in large amounts by electrically driven compressors.

Till this day, oil is used for cooling, sealing or lubricating in almost all industrial compressed air systems.

In Europe alone, millions of liters of valuable mineral oil are used every year to generate compressed air and are disposed of as waste oil, a multiple of that as oily condensate. The oil-contaminated compressed air disperses the oil in our environment, contaminating products that we all consume.

Europe / 2021e: Oil emissions from industrial compressed air generation:

  • 56 M. liters of waste oil
  • 23 B. liters of oil-contaminated condensate
  • 8 M. liters of oil emissions
    (into the environment as aerosol via the compressed air)

Sources: marketandmarkets.com; de.statista.com; manufacturer’s technical data

Clean compressed air from AQUAAIR

Your „Green Deal“ with zero pollutant emissions

AQUAAIR is the global technology leader in the field of water-injected screw compressors.

Without any oil in the system, AQUAAIR offers the extremely economical and sustainable solution for truly oil-free compressed air.

Clean compressed air from AQUAAIR is your „Green Deal“ with zero pollutant emissions for air, water and soil – to your advantage and for a better world.

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