AQA_AIR Management

AQA_AIR Management

Controlled to success: With the innovative control system from AQUAAIR

AQA_AIR Management is AQUAAIR’s modular control system for your optimal compressed air management in three expansion stages:

  • AQA_AIR Control 4.0
    Powerful system control via a comfortable touch panel
  • AQA_AIR Control 5.0
    Intelligent multi-machine control, teleservice and alarm management, also via PC, tablet or smartphone
  • AQA_AIR Control 6.0
    Industry 4.0 suitable „open“ control system for cross-system and multi-site, individual and comprehensive data management, for example for the integration of conventional compressors and downstream processes, also via a central control room

All AQUAAIR systems are equipped as standard with the control AQA_AIR Control 4.0 and a touch panel.

Safe and easy

Self-explaining menu design

During the development, the highest priority was put on user friendliness. AQA_AIR Management is characterized by a self-explanatory menu design and intuitive user guidance. This ensures optimum plant handling and the easy retrieval of all information relevant to the compressed air generation in all practical situations.

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AQA_AIR Control 4.0

The powerful and user-friendly system control – ex works inclusive:

Each AQUAAIR screw compressor is equipped with the powerful and user-friendly control AQA_AIR Control 4.0 and a comfortable touch panel. The system contains extensive functions for the efficient and safe operation of the system. For example:

  • Individually configurable pressure timer
  • Displays the current remaining times of recommended maintenance intervals
  • Image-assisted description of possible sources of error
  • Chronological alarm list
  • Readout of temperature and pressure trends
  • Language selection in up to 28 languages

AQA_AIR Control 5.0

The intelligent multi-machine control, optionally with teleservice and service management

AQA_AIR Control 5.0 intelligently controls two or more AQUAAIR screw compressors in combination via dynamic basic load changeover circuit (BLCC). The systems communicate via a modern BUS technology. Depending on demand, the compressed air generation of the individual compressors is controlled in such a way that the power consumption of the entire system is minimal and the use of the currently available systems is uniform.

Maintenance work on individual systems can be carried out during operation of the compressed air system. – The controller recognizes the situation and optimizes an economical compressed air supply via the remaining systems.

In addition, the control AQA_AIR Control 5.0 allows safe tele control via PC, tablet or smartphone. Authorized persons have access to the compressed air system from a distance via teleservice (optionally). It is also possible to send service notifications for pending maintenance or limited availability via service management. – This optimizes your time and cost management.

AQA_AIR Control 6.0

The cross-system control – the industry 4.0 compressed air management from AQUAAIR

AQA_AIR Control 6.0 makes Industry 4.0 possible. The „open“ control system from AQUAAIR allows the integration of compressed air and production systems across systems and hierarchies.

Design with AQUAAIR your modern, individual compressed air management.

  • Integrate conventional compressors in a higher-level controller.
  • Integrate downstream processes such as dew point or pressure difference monitoring.
  • Integrate your compressed air system in your control room

AQUAAIR is your competent partner and system provider.

Manufacturer’s competence at your side

AQA_AIR Control 4.0 / 5.0 / 6.0

In order to ensure the best possible value in the long term, AQUAAIR offers you complete compressed air solutions that are perfectly tailored to your needs.

Our experts comprehensively support you in implementing a company-specific and application-specific configuration for complete compressed air management and to make ongoing operation as safe and profitable as possible.

From planning through delivery and installation to teleservice and alarm management, we are always at your disposal as a reliable partner with comprehensive practical experience.

Give us a call or send us a message and arrange a non-binding appointment for a personal conversation with our compressed air experts.

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