AQUAAIR goes Netherlands


AQUAAIR goes Netherlands

Sustainable processing of industrial and medical gases

„We and our customer are very satisfied with the AQUAAIR compressors.“ – It really is the first water-injected screw compressor without any problems in a year. We are convinced of the quality! – Tom Ruijsbroek, Perslucht-Engineer, Maconet (NL)

The largest Japanese manufacturer of industrial and medical gases wants to contribute to a more sustainable future.

At the beginning of 2020, the Dutch plant in Dordrecht invested in a sustainable compressed air station from AQUAAIR.

Without any oil, AQUAAIR compressors generate clean industrial compressed air extremely economical, with no pollutant emissions.

Qualified service partner

Maconet B.V.

Advice and installation of the sustainable compressed air system was carried out by the compressed air specialist Maconet B.V. in Ridderkerk, Netherlands, which is AQUAAIR’s qualified service partner.

With Maconet, your AQUAAIR compressors are in good hands. – You can also benefit from the advantages of clean compressed air from AQUAAIR. We look forward to your inquiry. We or our qualified service partners would be happy to advise you comprehensively, worldwide.

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