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On N24 in the time from the 7th to the 11th of August at 07:30 pm.

The innovative company „AQUAAIR“, headquartered in Augsburg, proves that economy and ecology can be combined with technology.

With profound competence and many years of experience in the key technologies of oil-free screw compressor systems, AQUAAIR is the global technology leader in the field of water-injected compressor stages.

Using advanced technology, AQUAAIR develops high-quality compressors for the compression of atmospheric air and ALL of that 100% oil-free and demonstrably economical. With up to 35% energy savings, even for sensitive production processes, this system is excellently suited. Also the cost savings compared to conventional compressed air systems is outstanding. Customers from all over the world benefit from this technology like the beer brewery “Engel” or „Matulka Electronic GmbH“, just to name a few.

There is a perfect solution for every demand, independent from size and design.. – Just Made in Germany.
In many industries this intelligent system has already proven its worth. Thanks to the innovative technology, the devices of the following application areas work reliably and extremely economical. The maximum energy consumption is so low that the investment costs of the systems are government-funded by approximately 30% by BAFA in Germany.

85% less inspection costs due to 70% fewer parts as it is used in conventional air compressors is one of the main criteria why companies opt for an oil-free compressor from AQUAAIR. A product warranty of 5 years is also guaranteed by an AQUAAIR accident and breakdown cover to the customer:

In the food industry there are no residues of oil or other contaminants in foods, packaging or production lines, since quality and purity are particularly important here.

Whether as a medical gas in surgery or as functional air – oil-free compressed air is of crucial importance in the hospital. Safe, clean and environmentally friendly.
Laboratory applications require maximum cleanliness when using compressed air. Whether for analyzes, quality tests or clean-room production with AQUAAIR, this is no longer a problem.

The automobile industry also needs compressed air for error-free and exceptional painting results. Costly reworking of irregularities is prevented by the technology of AQUAAIR.
Compressed air is essential in the manufacturing industry. Whether cooling, ventilating, cleaning or transporting, a maximum degree of purity is here of decisive importance.