Berlin COVID-19 clinic


Medical compressed air supply for emergency hospitals

Berlin COVID-19 clinic: Dräger relies on AQUAAIR compressors

„We chose AQUAAIR for the project because reliable delivery performance was particularly important given the time pressure.“ – Michael Reddehase, Head of Order Management Team, Dräger Medical ANSY GmbH

The Berlin Senate decided in March 2020 to immediately build an emergency hospital at the Berlin trade fair.

By the end of April 2020, Dräger Medical ANSY GmbH from Lübeck was to build a central supply of 500 emergency beds with medical gases (breathing air and oxygen) for exhibition hall 26. – A huge task with an extremely short implementation time!

Dräger and AQUAAIR hand in hand

Medical gas supply as a sophisticated container solution

A gas supply of 500 emergency beds must be carried out centrally so that the medical gases can be provided continuously and without interruption.

To meet all clinical and project requirements, Dräger designs the central medical gas supply as a container solution.

AQUAAIR is integrated from day one and delivers oil-free compressors to Lübeck after just a few days, ready for installation in the first container.

AQUAAIR compressed air systems from Dräger

Definitely a good decision!

„The high reliability of the AQUAAIR compressors is even more important in an emergency hospital, because trained technical staff may not always be available.“ – Toralf Meier, Head of Sales Department OST, Dräger Medical ANSY GmbH

With AQUAAIR compressors, oil-free Dräger compressed air systems are one thing above all: safe! – Breathing compressed air, safely available when the emergency arises.

The central gas supply was successfully put into operation as a container solution at the end of April 2020. The emergency hospital at the Berlin trade fair was completed on time with great efforts and the strong will of many participants, including the involvement of the German Federal Army.

We at AQUAAIR are proud that we can make our contribution. And even though numerous further emergency hospitals will follow, we hope that no patient will never have to be treated there.

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