Breathing compressed air in the chemical industry


Breathing compressed air in the chemical industry

Top priority at Alberdingk Boley: SAFETY and ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION

„We were able to significantly increase the operational safety with AQUAAIR.“ – Ulrich Krülls, Industrial Engineer

In July 2018 Alberdingk Boley modernised and expanded the compressed air supply system at its Krefeld production and research facility. Today, three highly energy-efficient AQUAAIR APA 011 screw compressors supply the production with 100 % oil-free compressed air of breathing air quality.

AQUAAIR screw compressors are uncompromisingly designed for demanding continuous operation in industrial environments. Oil-free compressed air from AQUAAIR makes one thing above all: safe!

100% biocompatible, no abrasive or volatile materials or coatings are used in the systems, certified by Dräger.

100% oil-free and germ-free, clean compressed air is produced in breathing air quality, certified by FRESENIUS.

The AQUAAIR result

More operational safety for excellent performance and sustainability

Green chemistry – a competitive edge

Alberdingk Boley is aware of its responsibility for people and the environment

Alberdingk Boley’s environmentally friendly binders refine, bond, beautify and protect surfaces. They are manufactured on the basis of water instead of solvents. In addition, Alberdingk Boley is Europe’s largest producer of castor oil, lacquer linseed oil and their derivatives. These are used industrially as renewable raw materials for further processing in printing inks, PU systems, the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. With production facilities in China and the USA, Alberdingk Boley employs over 450 people worldwide.

Sustainability and social responsibility are compatible with excellent performance, as the award-winning medium-sized company proves every day. In a voluntary commitment, corporate principles on quality, occupational and plant safety, environmental protection and energy are developed and integrated into all activities and corporate decisions via measurable corporate objectives.

Secure telecontrol

Teleservice and Telemanagement

„The maintenance contract with remote monitoring by AQUAAIR is exactly the right decision for us. A complete success.“ – Ulrich Krülls, Industrial Engineer

The powerful AQA_AIR Control 5.0 allows secure remote control via PC, tablet or smartphone. Optionally, authorised people can access the compressed air system from a distance via Teleservice. In addition, service messages can be sent for pending maintenance and limited availability.

We at AQUAAIR are pleased about the great success of the joint project. We say thank you for the trust you have placed in us.

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