Clean compressed air in the brewing process


Clean compressed air in the brewing process

A smart solution for more energy efficiency and environmental protection

Large German brewery group is pushing ahead with its resource-saving expansion.
Energy efficiency and environmental protection have a high priority.

The old compressed air station at the Allgäu site (southern Germany) was getting on in years and, above all, too small given the brewery’s steadily increasing output.

In the brewing process, compressed air is an important energy source, which is generated usually in large amounts by electrically powered compressors.

Converting electrical energy into cool, clean compressed air instead of hot, oily compressed air saves electricity and a brewery a lot of money and trouble with considerable amounts of oily condensate and hazardous waste.

A maximally energy-efficient and, above all, 100 % oil-free compressed air generation has high priority in the brewing process.

The AQUAAIR result

28 % more power, 18 % less power consumption and no oil in the system

Since January 2020, two AQUAAIR APW 45 screw compressors have been supplying the brewery with truly clean compressed air, 28 % more power and 18 % less power consumption – without generating any hazardous waste.

More than clean compressed air

Clean compressed air from AQUAAIR

AQUAAIR uses water for injection into the air end, not oil. – In doing so, well-known technical solutions are not simply copied, but the entire system is completely redesigned and consistently oriented towards the fluid water. – This is the basis for the technical and energetic superiority of AQUAAIR screw compressors.

The cool compressed air generated in this way has breathing air quality – expensive water treatment, filters or oil separators are no longer necessary. – This is not only good for the wallet, but also protects the environment!

AQUAAIR offers the smart solution for a safe and clean compressed air supply with maximum energy efficiency and the highest level of environmental protection.

Taking responsibility

Commitment to more ecological sustainability

We at AQUAAIR thank those on site who take responsibility. – Focusing on the eco-friendly use of valuable resources, everyone involved has installed a really smart solution with the innovative compressed air system from AQUAAIR.

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