Oil-free compressed air generation in the hospital

Dräger uses AQUAAIR compressors for medical compressed air systems

„AQUAAIR’s oil-free compressors enable us to plan and build even more efficient and environmentally friendly compressed air systems.“ – Stephan Schiebrowski, Managing Director, Dräger Medical ANSY GmbH

Oil-free compressed air generation is now also finding its way into the hospital sector: Dräger is expanding its portfolio for medical compressed air systems with water-injected screw compressors from AQUAAIR.

The units are specifically adapted according to Dräger specifications and integrated into the overall system to meet the special requirements of the medical field.

One main focus was on the approval of the control according to the international standard for medical device software. This hurdle was also overcome thanks to the – in the truest sense of the word – smooth cooperation between Dräger and AQUAAIR.

Dräger and AQUAAIR fill a gap in the market

New environmentally friendly standard for hospitals

„AQUAAIR has very quickly taken up the special requirements for the systems in the medical environment and modified the standard devices according to our specifications.“ – Matthias Mühle, Head of System Center Workplace Infrastructure, Drägerwerk AG

Dräger compressed air systems with AQUAAIR compressors fill a gap in the market, as previously available oil-free systems were not fully suitable for hospitals. Therefore, Dräger has so far relied mainly on oil-lubricated systems.

This is now changing thanks to the innovative AQUAAIR technology: The new, oil-free compressed air systems from Dräger are convincing in every respect and represent a genuine and clean alternative to oil-lubricated systems.

For hospitals that value optimal environmental performance, oil-free compressed air systems are likely to be the first choice in the future.

Dräger Gas Management Systems

Because every breath is vital

The hospital’s compressed air main system provides patients with vital breathing air at all stations.

Therefore, all systems used here – including the compressors for compressed air generation – must meet the highest safety requirements.

Dräger guarantees this security thanks to its extensive experience in the development and qualification of plant components and its comprehensive system know-hows.

As a market leader in Germany, the long-established company from Lübeck delivers tailor-made system solutions from a single source and supports the customer from consultation and planning through to installation and subsequent 24-hour service.

Thanks to the fruitful cooperation with AQUAAIR, Dräger once again underlines its claim to set new standards with forward-looking technologies.

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