Frequently Asked Questions about AQUAAIR Screw Compressors

  • Where are AQUAAIR screw compressors used?

    In many industries under demanding industrial conditions, for example in the automotive and electronics industry, in food and beverage production, in clean room production and medical technology, in hospitals and paint shops.

  • Why do customers choose AQUAAIR screw compressors?

    Clean industrial compressed air without hassle and the possibility of sustainably reducing compressed air costs.

  • What makes AQUAAIR screw compressors so safe in operation?

    The uncompromising design for the demanding continuous operation in the industrial environment, our own development, production and quality assurance at our location in Augsburg, a 100 % biocompatibility of all materials used and not a milliliter of oil.

  • Is oil-free compressed air from AQUAAIR germ-free?

    Yes, certified by FRESENIUS. Possible germs from the ambient air are systematically eliminated. – Oil-free compressed air from AQUAAIR is thus cleaner than the ambient air we breathe.

  • Do germs form in the water in the plant?

    No, no germs are formed. The water in which the system is continuously replaced by the resulting condensate of the refrigeration dryer and completely renewed within about 24 hours of operation.

  • Is oil-free compressed air from AQUAAIR dry?

    Yes, because of the low compression temperatures in the AQUAAIR air end, AQUAAIR’s oil-free compressed air is cooler and thus drier than compressed air produced with conventional technologies.

  • What makes AQUAAIR screw compressors so eco-friendly?

    Minimal power consumption and no oil pollution – for your benefit and for a better world.

  • Why are the compressed air costs with AQUAAIR screw compressors so low?

    Mainly because of the low power consumption of the high-efficiency air end at low compression temperatures – AQUAAIR generates compressed air and no heat – and no need for energy-dissipating oil filtration and external water treatment.

  • Can AQUAAIR screw compressors be operated with conventional compressors?

    Yes, at any time via AQA_AIR Control 6.0, the system-wide control of AQUAAIR.

  • Are water-injected screw compressors from AQUAAIR air- or water-cooled?

    AQUAAIR uses water for injection into the highly efficient air end. The recooling of the injected water takes place via air coolers (air-cooled) or via plate heat exchangers (water-cooled). – We are happy to advise you.

  • Does AQUAAIR work as a manufacturer with compressed air retailers?

    Sales and service are provided nationwide and internationally via qualified specialist companies. We also like to check a cooperation with the compressed air specialist dealer of your choice.

  • Which maintenance intervals do AQUAAIR screw compressors have?

    Maintenance alternate standardly between 2,000-8,000 operating hours.

  • Does AQUAAIR help in an emergency?

    As a manufacturer, we are always the contact person for you: Our hotline offers you qualified technical support at +49 821 99980460.

  • Are there any references with AQUAAIR screw compressors?

    AQUAAIR is happy about happy customers. – Find references from different industries here.

  • Where is the catch with AQUAAIR screw compressors?

    In particular, the conditions of installation must take into account that the temperature of the intake air is not colder than 3 °C.