Focus on energy efficiency


Focus on energy efficiencyFocus on energy efficiency

ERDINGER saves up to 18 % electricity

For ERDINGER Weißbräu, oil-free compressed air and energy efficiency are not a contradiction in terms.

An AQUAAIR screw compressor APW 090 has been completing the oil-free compressed air supply since October 2019.

A comparative volume flow measurement carried out by ERDINGER Weißbräu before and after the installation with parallel recording of the clamping power confirms:

AQUAAIR screw compressors are real energy savers. Especially with variable compressed air requirements, the AQUAAIR compressed air systems are far more energy efficient than oil-free piston compressors. – And that really saves money.

The AQUAAIR result

Up to 18 % less power consumption than with oil-free piston compressors in partial load operation

„Brew quality“ and „Save energy“

ERDINGER Weißbräu with sustainable energy management

ERDINGER stands for brewing and wheat beer culture at the highest level worldwide. We have been passionate about brewing beer for over 130 years. As a private brewery rooted in the home with a globally known brand, we bear responsibility in many areas.
A strict quality philosophy requires the best art of brewing, a lot of time – and more energy. It places special demands on efficient energy management.

100 % oil-free compressed air

Highly energy efficient

At AQUAAIR, we set technical and ecological benchmarks for a better world with our customers and say thank you for the trust which has been placed in us.

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