Hopf Packaging lives real sustainability


Oil-free compressed air supply in the packaging industry

Hopf Packaging lives real sustainability

„With AQUAAIR we are now 100 % oil-free, without oil and condensate in our 10 bar compressed air supply.“ – Roman Leister, Head of Maintenance

In July 2019, the Hopf Packaging GmbH company switched its production in Nördlingen to 100 % oil-free compressed air and significantly increased production reliability.

A highly energy-efficient AQUAAIR screw compressor AWA 075 supplies the production with clean and dry compressed air, which comes in direct product contact for example for bottle blowing or product cooling.

Plastic pioneer

Hopf, premium manufacturer of packaging solutions since 1896

The perfect packaging is the completion of form and function. Many well-known manufacturers in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries trust Hopf’s creativity and experience – and the techniques and technologies that are committed to the principles of quality and sustainability.

Quality – Innovation – Sustainability

Expect the unexpected

„With the investment in AQUAAIR, we pursue our quality and environmental goals and live real sustainability.“ Jürgen Kornmann, Head of Production

With oil-free compressed air from AQUAAIR, economy and ecology are not a contradiction in terms. – No oil and minimal electricity consumption save money, not only in purchasing, but in the entire value chain.

We at AQUAAIR thank Hopf Packaging for the trust they have placed in us and for the professional implementation of the joint project.

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