Clean industrial compressed air: to your advantage and for a better world

„We make oil-free compressed air so cheap, that oil is better used, where it is really needed.“ – Marco Lodni, General Manager, AQUAAIR GmbH & Co. KG

Economy and ecology are not a contradiction, but an integral part of our responsibility as a modern manufacturer of industrial compressed air systems. That is why we invest in fundamentally new ideas and customer solutions for the safe and sustainable production of clean compressed air and a better world.

We are committed to real innovation by developing new concepts. We consistently pursue these goals, for example by using specially developed and manufactured materials or intelligent controls for economical compressed air management of our frequency-controlled compressor systems. – This is how we set technical and ecological benchmarks for the future.

Oil-free compressed air by AQUAAIR

Oil is simply too expensive!

Oil should make the compression of air more energy efficient and therefore cheaper compressed air. – This works with water significantly cheaper and, above all, cleaner:

Every year, millions of barrels of expensive mineral oil are consumed for compressed air production and disposed of as used oil, a multiple of its oil-containing condensate. The oil-contaminated compressed air distributes the oil in our environment, contaminating products we all consume, every day. – But effort and cost of procurement, filtration and disposal of the oil again destroy a significant part of the energy advantage.

So why integrate oil in the compression process when AQUAAIR’s oil-free compressed air is much cheaper and cleaner?

Competence and many years of experience from the worldwide technology leader

Passion for perfection

In the area of water-injected air ends, AQUAAIR is the global technology leader. The Augsburg-based company has extensive expertise and many years of experience in the key technologies of oil-free compressors: material knowledge, development and production of screw profiles, air ends and innovative plant concepts.

All relevant components of oil-free compressors are developed in our design department, manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and subjected to the most careful tests according to our own quality management system. Demanding customers from numerous sectors worldwide benefit from this concentrated expertise and our passion for perfection – every day.

Innovative technology for oil-free compressed air – made by AQUAAIR

AQUAAIR: Manufacturer of oil-free, water-injected screw compressor systems

AQUAAIR develops and manufactures at its site in Augsburg water-injected screw compressor systems with a drive power of 4 to 110 kW, a volume flow rate of 0.3 to 20 m3/min and a final discharge pressure of 5 to 15 bar (g).

The excellent product quality, the high standard of service and the innovative power of our company have been trusting customers all over the world since 2011.

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Innovative technology for oil-free compressed air – made by AQUAAIR

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