Oil-free compressed air generation in the automotive supply industry


Oil-free compressed air generation in the automotive supply industry

Borscheid + Wenig sees clear advantages with oil-free compressed air from AQUAAIR

„AQUAAIR screw compressors support our quality, environmental and energy management goals.“ – Carlo Wenig, Managing Director

In 2018 and 2019, the Borscheid + Wenig company converted its main plant in Diedorf, Germany to oil-free compressed air and considerably expanded its production capacities.

Today, two highly energy-efficient compressed air stations with four AQUAAIR APA 011 screw compressors each supply the entire production with 100% oil-free compressed air.

Durable polymer rotors with AQUAAIR’s alpha-profiles allow the formation of a gas-tight pressure chamber of new quality. Thus, especially in partial load operation, the displacement volume and thus the energy efficiency of AQUAAIR screw compressor air ends is significantly higher than with conventional rotor materials.

The powerful, higher-level AQA_AIR 5.0 control system from AQUAAIR also minimises power consumption even with highly variable compressed air requirements. It optimises the interaction of the frequency-controlled systems intelligently, so that the entire compressed air station operates at every operating point in a completely relaxed manner, at the lowest possible speed, with optimum energy efficiency.

The AQUAAIR result

20 % less power consumption compared to frequency-controlled oil-lubricated screw compressors

Technology in plastics

„Made by Borscheid + Wenig“

As an experienced, innovative plastics processing company, Borscheid + Wenig offers comprehensive know-how in the production of individual components through to complete assemblies.

Customers benefit from decades of practical experience over the entire life cycle of their product.

In doing so, Borscheid + Wenig has introduced a very high standard with regard to quality, environment and energy, which is lived at all levels of the company.

Time is money

Highest availability

„Our projects with AQUAAIR significantly reduce time and effort for maintenance.“ – Marc Stöhr, Head of Industrial Engineering

AQUAAIR screw compressors do not use any oil to produce compressed air. This is not only safe, clean and eco-friendly, but also extremely economical.

We at AQUAAIR say thank you for the professional cooperation and the confidence placed in us.

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