Quality – Made in Augsburg


Quality – Made in Augsburg

AQUAAIR awarded certificate „Quality – Made in Augsburg“

Mayor Dr. Kurt Gribl and economics and finance officer Eva Weber honor 14 particularly noteworthy Augsburg-based companies.

The city honors the economic commitment of companies for their outstanding product and service quality.

There are deliberately no categories or guiding themes in the choice of companies. – In particular, the beam and innovation of the companies and their products, as well as the special commitment of the companies to the region, will be evaluated.

Oil-free compressed air – made by AQUAAIR

For the benefit of our customers and for a better world

We at AQUAAIR are very happy about this award, which confirms and motivates us to continue to do the right thing:

Oil-free compressed air, far more economical than oil-contaminated; for the benefit of our customers and for a better world.

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