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Oil-free compressed air for demanding laser cutting

High availability and energy efficiency convince LaserJob!


„10,000 operating hours in 24/7 operation and no trouble!” – That`s what Robert Englmaier, Managing Director, LaserJob GmbH wants.

Since September 2017, an AQUAAIR screw compressor supplies the entire production, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Innovation Award Bavaria 2018

AQUAAIR honored with the Innovation Award Bavaria 2018


AQUAAIR wins the 1st main prize!

The award ceremony of the Innovation Award Bavaria 2018 took place on 26 November in a ceremonial setting in the Hall of Honor of the German Museum in Munich.

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Quality – Made in Augsburg

AQUAAIR awarded certificate „Quality – Made in Augsburg“


Mayor Dr. Kurt Gribl and economics and finance officer Eva Weber honor 14 particularly noteworthy Augsburg-based companies.

The city honors the economic commitment of companies for their outstanding product and service quality.

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Oil-free compressed air generation in the hospital

Dräger uses AQUAAIR compressors for medical compressed air systems


„AQUAAIR’s oil-free compressors enable us to plan and build even more efficient and environmentally friendly compressed air systems.“ – Stephan Schiebrowski, Managing Director, Dräger Medical ANSY GmbH

Oil-free compressed air generation is now also finding its way into the hospital sector: Dräger is expanding its portfolio for medical compressed air systems with water-injected screw compressors from AQUAAIR.

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And suddenly 22kW are enough

Pure pleasure: Lösch-Zwerg clean and efficient with AQUAAIR


„AQUAAIR screw compressors – and suddenly 22kW are enough.“
– Josef Micheler, 1st master brewer at brewery Schimpfle GmbH & Co. KG (on the left side)

Two highly efficient AQUAAIR screw compressors, each with a drive output of 11kW supply the Lösch-Zwerg beer factory Schimpfle GmbH & Co. KG with 100% oil- and germfree compressed air, already since June 2016. – Those two supersede one outdated piston compressor and one high maintenance scroll compressor with a total drive output of 44kW. – And this at clearly rising demand of compressed air. Because Schimpfle is growing successfully, thanks to the nationwide popularity oft the Lösch-Zwerg.

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Your advantages with AQUAAIR screw compressors

Only AQUAAIR offers this


You need oil-free compressed air – powerful, reliable and cost-effective?

In demanding, industrial compressed air generation, screw technology has prevailed. A screw compressor with a high volume flow is powerful and reliable with high availability in continuous operation.

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Emissions reduced drastically!

Paint shop W. Müller GmbH happy with AQUAAIR


„AQUAAIR makes really happy!“ – Wolfgang Müller, Managing Director

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On N24 in the time from the 7th to the 11th of August at 07:30 pm.


The innovative company „AQUAAIR“, headquartered in Augsburg, proves that economy and ecology can be combined with technology.

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99.999% pure nitrogen with AQUAAIR

Limnology Institute Dr. Nowak convinced of AQUAAIR


„With AQUAAIR, our generation of nitrogen is now free of disruption!“ – Dr. Karl-Ernst Nowak, Managing Director

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At brewery Engel now works oil-free compressed air


„AQUAAIR just works perfectly!“ – Alexander Fach, Managing Director

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More than 60% energy savings

Matulka electronic GmbH enthusiastic about AQUAAIR


„More than 60% energy savings in compressed air generation make our investment a success!” – Karl-Heinz Wörlen, Head of Building Technology / Energy Commissioner

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ComVac 2017 – Hannover Fair

AQUAAIR says thank you!


Numerous customers, suppliers and exhibitors attended the AQUAAIR stand at the ComVac 2017 – the leading international trade fair for compressed air – and were informed about the novelty of the trade fair:

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100% performance – made by AQUAAIR:

Oil-free, water-injected screw compressors with a drive power of up to 110 kW!


Unique top performance: With the new large air ends, AQUAAIR sets international standards and underlines its role as a technology leader in oil-free, water-injected screw compressors.

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