And suddenly 22kW are enough

Pure pleasure: Lösch-Zwerg clean and efficient with AQUAAIR

„AQUAAIR screw compressors – and suddenly 22kW are enough.“
– Josef Micheler, 1st master brewer at brewery Schimpfle GmbH & Co. KG (on the left side)

Two highly efficient AQUAAIR screw compressors, each with a drive output of 11kW supply the Lösch-Zwerg beer factory Schimpfle GmbH & Co. KG with 100% oil- and germfree compressed air, already since June 2016. – Those two supersede one outdated piston compressor and one high maintenance scroll compressor with a total drive output of 44kW. – And this at clearly rising demand of compressed air. Because Schimpfle is growing successfully, thanks to the nationwide popularity oft the Lösch-Zwerg.

The secret of the small cult beer

Lösch-Zwerg brewery Schimpfle GmbH & Co. KG

Highest art of brewing and unlimited fun – that`s what makes the brand so successful.

When the new generation of brewers, headed by Thomas Schimpfle, started its battle against the beer-establishment, it could not begin to guess, how successful the Lösch-Zwerg was.

Armed with the traditional brewing process – the open vat fermentation – and the handy 0,33l bottle with the extravagant pull-off closure it started a (taste-) revolution.

Top maxime was, is ans stays the quality idea and sticking to the original brewing craft. Consequently it conquered the first thirsty throats.

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Oil-free compressed air without any trouble

„You do not feel AQUAAIR!“
– Josef Micheler, 1st master brewer at brewery Schimpfle GmbH & Co. KG (on the left side)

No annoying change of oil and oil-filter. No expensive water-treatment. No expensive and recurring overhauls of airends. – This is really efficient and offers only AQUAAIR.

„We at AQUAAIR are proud on our compressors: Clean, safe, eco-friendly and in highest quality. – That’s what we stand for.“
– Jürgen Findl, Production Manager at AQUAAIR GmbH & Co. KG (on the right side)

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