Climate and environmental protection: More than clean compressed air

AQUAAIR sets a new ecological standard in oil-free compressed air production, in many industries, worldwide.

  • Climate protection and efficient use of energy

    The specific energy consumption for producing 100% oil-free compressed air is up to 35% lower than with conventional state-of-the-art systems.

  • Conservation of biodiversity

    No use of oil in compressed air production means any contamination of the environment with oil and aerosols via compressed air, waste oil, oily or acid condensate and oil-contaminated machinery and service parts.

  • Resource saving, resource-efficient management, including the recycling and use of renewable raw materials

    No use of oil means no waste of oil. – Oil can therefore only be used where it is really needed.

  • Avoidance of hazardous substances

    No discharge of oil and aerosols, and no accumulation of used oil, oily or acid condensate

  • Noise abatement, air pollution control and water pollution contro

    AQUAAIR screw compressors do not require separate compressor chambers: they are comparatively quiet at low speeds, emit hardly any heat with cool compression and emit no air pollution and therefore no odors with 100% clean compressed air. The resulting pure condensate can alternatively be used as useful water, for example in the sanitary area.

  • Waste prevention and soil protection

    The entire AQUAAIR plants do not produce one gram of hazardous waste during their entire life cycle.

  • Occupational safety and health

    Significantly reduced emissions of noise and heat as well as compressed air in breathing air quality have a very positive effect on the working condition.

To the advantage of the industry and for a better world