Innovative technology for oil-free compressed air – made by AQUAAIR

„The most important innovations are those that change our thinking.“ – Hans-Juergen Quadbeck-Seeger

Oil-free compressed air from AQUAAIR – safe, clean, eco-friendly and far less expensive than oil-contaminated compressed air

At AQUAAIR we develop innovative technologies for producing clean industrial compressed air with maximum availability, maximum energy efficiency and 0 % oil – to your advantage and for a better world.

Clean industrial compressed air – as safe and economical as never before

The water-injected AQUAAIR screw technology

AQUAAIR uses water for injection into the air end, no oil. – Known technical solutions are not simply copied, but the entire system is completely redesigned and aligned consistently to the fluid water. – This is the basis for the technical and energy superiority of the AQUAAIR screw compressors.

Safe and sustainable

Highest availability and no oil

Water and fat are not compatible. – The need to separate water and grease-lubricated parts makes AQUAAIR a virtue:

AQUAAIR screw compressors have about 70 % fewer parts installed than conventional screw compressors. – What is not there, cannot break. – Wear-intensive components, such as mechanical grease-lubricated bearings, seals and gears or abrasive and volatile coatings and materials are consistently avoided.

No oil means no oil-lubricated gearbox. – AQUAAIR consistently implements the objective of „oil-free compressed air“, as safely and sustainably as no other system concept before:

AQUAAIR screw compressors do not use milliliters of oil. – What is not used, must not be disposed of – No expensive oil filtration, no annoying oil changes, no disposal of waste oil and oil-contaminated condensate, no risk of oil spill and no fire hazards of the equipment.

Long service intervals, optimum accessibility and no oil guarantee maximum availability and safety of the systems.

Self-optimizing and self-healing

Polymer rotors with the alpha profiles of AQUAAIR

The essential basis for maximum availability and maximum energy efficiency are polymer rotors with the alpha profiles from AQUAAIR.

The robust and durable high-performance polymers have been redeveloped in their own laboratories and are specially tailored to the use of water in the air end. The alpha screw profiles of the rotors have been calculated and designed by AQUAAIR to take into account and make perfect use of the special properties of the polymer materials:

Due to the cold flow of the polymer material, the geometry of the alpha screw profiles during operation optimizes wear-free and without material removal, resulting in a gas-tight pressure chamber of previously unachieved quality. As a result, the delivery volume and thus the energy efficiency of the AQUAAIR screw compressor air ends is significantly higher, especially in partial load operation, than with conventional rotor materials. Likewise, any injuries to the rotor surfaces, caused for example by dirt particles in the intake air, are „cured“ during operation.

With the AQUAAIR technology, oil-free compressed air generation can save up to 35 % energy costs – with maximum availability and maximum service life.

Maximum energy-efficient

Water is king at AQUAAIR

The economy of a screw compressor is heavily dependent on the electricity and maintenance costs. – These together make up about 80 % of the total compressed air costs:

A screw air end, the heart of a screw compressor and the component in which the actual compression of the ambient air takes place, works according to the continuous displacement principle. – Following the gas equation for a closed system (p0 x V0 / T0 = p1 x V1 / T1 = R = constant), an isothermal (T1 isotherm: = T0) compression of the ambient air is the physical optimum. – The lower the difference between the compression and ambient temperature, the better the energy efficiency and thus the specific electricity costs of a screw compressor.

Since the compression temperature of dry-running screw compressors increases up to 240 °C, oil or water is injected into the air end primarily for cooling but also for lubrication and sealing. In this case, the compression temperature of an oil-injected air end rises to up to 100 °C, whereas in the case of a water-injected air end of AQUAAIR it only increases by 10 °C above ambient temperature.

The AQUAAIR screw air end is therefore the most energy-efficient with almost isothermal compression, and the compressed air generated is absolutely oil-free.

The compressed air generated by an oil-injected screw air end is also oil-contaminated and must be subjected to oil filtration, which further significantly deteriorates the overall energy efficiency of an oil-injected screw compressor with the attendant partial pressure drop. – The cost of electricity and filter inserts increase exponentially with the desired degree of purity of the compressed air.

A water-injected AQUAAIR screw compressor gets the water directly from the air for cooling and lubrication. An external water connection and an energy and maintenance-intensive water treatment are not necessary.

The overall energy efficiency of AQUAAIR screw technology is leading with the highly efficient AQUAAIR screw air end without the need for expensive oil filtration and water treatment, the specific electricity cost of compressed air produced is unbeatably low.

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