Yes, we are #fitfor55


Yes, we are #fitfor55

#greentec for climate-neutral compressed air

“We’re running out of time. If we do not act immediately, our children will never forgive us.“ – Frans Timmermans, Vice President of the European Commission

The European Commission wants to make Europe climate-neutral by 2050. By 2030, CO2 emissions are to be reduced by at least 55%. Investments in #greentec play a key role here.

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What makes compressed air climate-neutral?

Compressed air is an energy-intensive source of energy. The principle of “energy efficiency first” is and remains important for an eco-friendly and economical compressed air supply.

For a climate-neutral compressed air supply, in addition to #energyefficiency, two other criteria must be met:

On the one hand #greenpower – the electricity required to generate compressed air must come from renewable sources.

On the other hand, #netzero – no pollutants may be emitted during the generation of compressed air.


Oil is not the solution!

To this day, the injection of oil is said to make the compression of air energy-efficient and thus compressed air cheaper.

Every year, millions of barrels of expensive mineral oil are consumed to generate compressed air. The oil is disposed of as waste oil. Billions of gallons of oil-contaning condensate are fed into municipal water treatment. Oil-contaminated compressed air disperses the oil in our environment, polluting the products we all consume, every day. – But pressure losses in both, oil separation and oil filtration destroy a significant part of the energetic advantage.

Regardless of the actual remaining energy balance, the compressed air generated by an oil-injected system is not eco-friendly, by no means #netzero.

Energy-efficient compressed air generation, which emits large amounts of oily pollutants into our environment, can neither be the goal nor the claim of sustainable action.

A rethink is necessary. #greentec is the solution.

#greetec pure

Climate-neutral compressed air from AQUAAIR

AQUAAIR is the global technology leader in the field of water-injected airends.

In addition to the cool compression temperatures, the polymer rotors with the alpha profiles from AQUAAIR are an essential basis for the high #energy efficiency of the 100% oil-free compressed air generation.

The technical and energetic superiority of the AQUAAIR screw compressors consists in the consequent alignment of the entire system to the fluid water.

Without any oil in the system, AQUAAIR screw compressors generate cool, clean compressed air #netzero. – Expensive water treatment, filters and oil separation systems are no longer necessary.

AQUAAIR’s water-injected screw technology is #greentec pure for climate-neutral compressed air.

Yes, we are #fitfor55 – to your advantage and for a better world

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