Your advantages with AQUAAIR screw compressors


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Your advantages with AQUAAIR screw compressors

Only AQUAAIR offers this.

You need oil-free compressed air – powerful, reliable and cost-effective?

In demanding, industrial compressed air generation, screw technology has prevailed. A screw compressor with a high volume flow is powerful and reliable with high availability in continuous operation.

The economy of a screw compressor, particularly energy efficiency, is competitive to other compressed air generation technologies when a coolant and lubricant is used.

Oil-free compressed air can be produced economically with a screw compressor if water is used as a coolant and lubricant.

Water-injected screw compressors from AQUAAIR are powerful, highly efficient and extremely economical.

Find following a summary of your advantages with AQUAAIR screw compressors. – Only AQUAAIR offers this.

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Maximum efficiency


About 80% of the compressed air costs are electricity costs. The economics of a screw compressor is therefore highly dependent on its energy efficiency.

Following the gas equation for a closed system (p0 x V0 / T0 = P1 x V1 / T1 = R = constant) an isothermal (T1 isotherm: = T0) compression of the ambient air is the physical optimum.

The energy efficiency of a screw compressor is thus better the lower the difference between the compression temperature (T1) and the ambient temperature (T0) drops out.

As the compression temperature of dry-running screw compressors increases to 240 degrees Celsius, oil or water is injected into the air end, primarily for cooling, but also for lubrication and sealing.

The compression temperature of an oil-injected air end rises to 100 degrees Celsius, with a water-injected air end from AQUAAIR only 10 degrees Celsius above ambient temperature.

Water-injected air ends from AQUAAIR compress atmospheric air almost isothermal with minimal current consumption and thus highly efficient.

Water-injected screw compressors from AQUAAIR are extremely economical thanks to the highly efficient AQUAAIR air end, the AQA_AIR Management and the innovative system concept, which consume significantly less power than conventional compressors, especially in the case of highly variable compressed air requirements. – The specifics of the AQUAAIR air end allows the integrated VFD air pressure control to take full effect with variable compressed air requirements.

Depending on the application, these systems can save up to 35% energy! – Only AQUAAIR offers this.

  • No waste by oil filtration

Oil lubricated screw compressors turbulate clean ambient air with oil so that the actual compression of air becomes more economical. – The subsequent oil filtration, however, again destroys a significant part of the energetic advantage. If the generated compressed air is to be almost free of oil, the oil filtration is expensive.

Water-lubricated screw compressors from AQUAAIR use the most natural and environmentally friendly lubricant available – water! – with excellent performance data.

The AQUAAIR screw compressors contribute significantly to the economic efficiency of your compressed air generation. The effort and cost for procurement, filtration and disposal of oil-containing lubricants are eliminated. – To your advantage, good for the environment.

  • No expensive water treatment

AQUAAIR gains the necessary lubricant – water – directly and exclusively from the ambient air. – An expensive water treatment is not necessary. – This has a measurably positive effect on the overall productivity.

  • Integrated VFD air pressure control with high energy efficiency in partial load operation

A VFD air pressure control generally adjusts the speed of a screw compressor to the current compressed air demand and reduces the absolute current power consumption in partial load operation.

However, in conventional compressors with VFD air pressure control, the relative energy efficiency in the partial load operation deteriorates significantly, i.e. the energy consumption per produced volume of compressed air increases significantly as a result of increasing flow losses.

In the case of AQUAAIR screw compressors, the already high energy efficiency continues to increase in the partial load operation; the energy consumption per compressed air produced continues to fall. – This means that AQUAAIR screw compressors with integrated VFD compressed air control are highly efficient and extremely economical, especially for variable compressed air requirements. – Only AQUAAIR offers this.

Cost-effective through innovation


  • Up to 85% less inspection costs and downtime

AQUAAIR screw compressors use approximately 70% fewer parts than conventional screw compressors. By consistently reducing the need for maintenance requiring parts, the modern control system AQA_AIR Management and the excellent accessibility of the AQUAAIR screw compressors, your inspection costs and downtimes are unbeatably low. – Only AQUAAIR offers this.

  • Oil-free compression up to 16 bar a

Oil-free AQUAAIR screw compressors are not only clean, highly efficient and extremely economical, but also reliable in operation up to 16 bar a. – Only AQUAAIR offers this.

  • Industry 4.0 suitable „open“ control „AQA_AIR Management“

AQA_AIR Management is the modular control and regulation system from AQUAAIR for your optimal compressed air management – user-friendly and individually configurable, independent of system and hierarchy, also for multi-machine use, decentralized in distributed locations – flexible and secure, on request as a cloud solution. – Only AQUAAIR offers this.

  • Perfectly matched product range 4-110 kW | 0.4-20 m3/min | 6-16 bar a

Oil-free screw compressors from AQUAAIR are available as a ready-for-use, immediately integrable system. The high scope of AQUAAIR’s range of services includes drive capacities from 4 to 110 kW, specific deliveries from 0.4 to 20 m3 / min and operating pressures from 6 to 16 bar a: the right solution for your needs! – Only AQUAAIR offers this.

Certainly clean


  • 100% oil- and germ-free compressed air, certified by FRESENIUS

AQUAAIR screw compressors do not use oil for lubrication, sealing or cooling, have no oil or grease-lubricated parts such as ball bearings or seals. Thanks to their innovative design, screw compressors from AQUAAIR are also 100% germ-free, certified by Fresenius. – Only AQUAAIR offers this.

  • No waste oil

Throughout their product lifecycle, AQUAAIR screw compressors do not produce any waste oil due to the ecologically exemplary water lubrication – with excellent performance data. – Only AQUAAIR offers this.

  • No annoying emissions: No oil odor. No heat. No noise.

Conventional compressors smell of oil and grease, develop vast amounts of waste heat and are loud!

Water-lubricated screw compressors from AQUAAIR, compress atmospheric air without oil, completely relaxed at low temperatures and low engine speeds. – This makes AQUAAIR screw compressors powerful, highly efficient and extremely economical … and opens completely new installation concepts. – Only AQUAAIR offers this.

Highest reliability


  • 5 years manufacturer’s guarantee with the AQUAAIR compressed air accident and breakdown cover

Maximum availability, minimal maintenance costs and 100% supply security:

With AQUAAIR’s compressed air accident and breakdown cover, you receive a comprehensive service package with convincing advantages at optimal conditions. 100% performance guarantee for up to five years and no costs for inspections, maintenance and wear parts included – of course, everything in manufacturer’s quality.

Maximum reliability: a 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee ensures optimum cost and planning security. – We would be pleased to advise you.

Quality Made in Germany

Made in Germany

  • 100% quality through our own development and production

AQUAAIR is a global technology leader in the field of water-injected screw compressors.

AQUAAIR has extensive expertise and many years of experience in the key technologies of oil-free screw compressors: material knowledge, development and production of screw profiles, air ends and innovative system concepts.

All AQUAAIR screw compressors are developed and produced in Augsburg. – Top technology Made in Germany.

100% performance for every need

Perfectly matched product range

  • 4-110 kW | 0.4-20 m3/min | 6-16 bar a

Screw compressors from AQUAAIR are available as a ready-for-use, immediately integrable system.

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